Rules and Regulations

Follow all applicable rules and regulations of Amritsar Riders and its partner organizations as well as the laws of Motor vehicle / Rto acts applicable in India.

Any illegal act or inappropriate behavior by any rider/member, that in the opinion of founder members of Amritsar Riders/Admins is detrimental to the safety and welfare of the fellow riders, may result in the individual being asked to withdraw from the membership of Amritsar Riders.

Please understand that your participation in Amritsar Riders activities is at your own risk.

Amritsar Riders reserves the right to amend the content of the “Rules & Regulations” at any time.

Member having any bike above 150 CC are only eligible for joining our group.

During rides consumption of alcohol or any kind of drugs are strictly prohibited

Dormant/inactive members would be removed from time to time.

Safety gear: Helmet ,high ankle shoes , knee guards/elbow guards , riding jacket and all other required safety gear are compulsory for the rides. We also recommend “Crash guards‟ for your safety.

All rules of Government of India in regards to driving on Indian Roads will be followed by the members.

Amritsar Riders is not responsible for any incidents which occur due to rash or careless driving by any member.

At any moment you will not hold Amritsar Riders group/admins/agents/rider members liable for any loss, damage, personal injury or any expense suffered by you or to any third party.

Amritsar Riders may use your photos, videos and feedback relating to the activities to be used as promotional materials.

All Valid Bikes Documents should be available with the rider , rider cannot continue the ride if documents are invalid e.g. driving license , registration certificate , pollution certificate , insurance

Both rear view mirrors are must for the rider to go on the ride

If The Rider agrees to follow all these Rules He/She can sign underneath

All the information provided by the applicant on the application form desirous of becoming a member on the should be correct.

Amritsar Riders reserves the right to refuse any application without stating any reason.

I hereby agree to the Rules & Regulations of Amritsar Riders